RAADR, Inc. End Of The Year Shareholder Update

PHOENIXDec. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RAADR, Inc. (OTC PINK: RDAR), a technology and software development company that monitors cyber-bullying and social media platforms with artificial intelligence is announcing updates to its shareholder base and loyal followers.

RAADR is proud to announce our new partnership with the American Federation for Children.

RAADR and the American Federation for Children’s School Choice program will collaborate to launch a new statewide school program in Arizona. The program’s main initiative is to create a safer environment for all students, parents, and teachers while uplifting the community as a whole.

In the last few months our country has experienced new dangers and safety concerns. Fortunately RAADR was prepared to tackle these threats. Our mobile application was ahead of the game with it’s updated features and advanced monitoring system. The RAADR platform allowed students and teachers to be the eyes and ears on campus.

RAADR Co-Founder Kenny Dobbs and Arizona Senator Steve Smith, with his team for School Choice, have already begun hosting promotional events and organizing the new 2021 school tour. RAADR’s partnership with Senator Steve Smith and the American Federation for Children has generated a lot of excitement. This “buzz” has gained the attention of other US and State government officials as they now prepare to expand their reach over the next school year.

The team at the American Federation for Children’s School Choice program consists of highly skilled professionals with a background in education and community service.

RAADR believes that most teen bullying occurs at school. This abuse can potentially push teenagers into dangerous circumstances if administrators and teachers are not aware of the problem to help. Considering their new partnership with the American Federation for Children’s School Choice program, RAADR can now bridge the gap between their anti bullying services and school administrators nationwide. By establishing the RAADR platform in schools across the country they can give a vital resource to teachers and administrators to help fight back against bullying.

I can’t tell you how much this means to our company! The School Choice program is an incredible organization operated by incredible leaders. Everyone at RAADR is very excited to be involved. We look forward to hosting events and working with the School Choice program!” says, RAADR CEO Jacob DiMartino.

RAADR has also made significant application development progress on their parenting monitoring platform. Some of the new features that will soon be live on the platform are:

  • A convolutional neural network to notify parents when their children post images online that may be inappropriate.
  • Activity tracking system: A feature that can help inform parents of their children’s time spent on social media networks.

RAADR CTO Bishop Morley says, “We are excited about all of the new features coming to our applications. My team is happy with how far the development of the RAADR platform has come and are very excited to begin expanding the entire system in 2021.”

RAADR CEO Jacob DiMartino says,”RAADR is still moving forward on uplisting to the OTCQB status with the OTC MARKETS sometime in 2021. We have been at work on the necessary requirements with the company auditor and the OTC to get to QB status. It’s taken longer than expected but we will get it done!

Contact: Jacob Dimartinojacob.d@raadr.com