RAADR Working in Local Schools to Help Protect Teachers and Students from School Violence

PHOENIX, Feb. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RAADR, Inc. (OTC PINK: RDAR), a technology and software development company that monitors cyber-bullying on social media platforms through its proprietary, artificial intelligence-based application, announced Friday Feb 16th they are now actively and aggressively licensing the BullyRaadr platform in local schools and communities in the Phoenix area.

BullyRAADR is an app exclusively for students to report bullying at school. Students can report incidents of bullying  and document their encounters with photographs, videos, text, and social media. The mission of BullyRAADR is to make our schools a No Bully Zone. Thanks to partnerships with people like Kenny Dobbs and Gary Smith, along with companies like DAVE & BUSTERS, we are working to continue to fight bullying in a meaningful way.

BullyRAADR allows administrators to take action where needed and better track incidents of bullying on their campus. The anonymity of the app protects students and allows them to feel safe reporting incidents of bullying. Student safety is a core value of the BullyRAADR platform.

As new details surface regarding  the recent shooting in Florida, we’ve learned the shooter wrote about his plans on YouTube prior to the event taking place. While the FBI & YouTube were notified, these entities are overwhelmed by such reports on a daily basis and without a “boots on the ground” perspective, have no way to accurately assess such imminent threats as effectively as members of the community can. RAADR and BullyRAADR allows for open communication between students, parents, administrators and law enforcement which we believe is key to increasing the likelihood of prevention.

Here is a quote from Mrs. Minette Klenner a Social Studies teacher at Arizona Charter Academy. Her school has been able to use the BullyRAADR platform successfully and intervene in a possible altercation between students after school hours and her opinion on how the app could help prevent such incidents like the recent shooting in Florida:

“The BullyRAADR platform is a huge benefit to us as a school.  We were able to already deal with incidents of bullying as well as a published possible altercation between students after school hours posted on social media.

Today we are wearing heavy hearts as we reflect on the shooting in Florida and we have observed that there were signs that this was a troubled young man and if they had RAADR and or BullyRAADR possibly they could have provided help for him prior to this incident.  It only works if the students know that they can post anonymously and not have repercussions for posting, but once students understand that this is forum where they can turn to adults for help they will take action as I have stated above to make sure that all students are safe and protected.”

It is our aim to continue to provide the ability to detect and react, in advance, before anyone gets hurt and clearly our members echo our mission in their words and feedback:

“My goal is to have the BullyRAADR platform in every School in America. It works! Its already helping schools here in Phoenix and it’s our goal to help PREVENT these cases of school shootings from happening! The students using our platform are truly using it and reporting things that are preventing things at this very moment! Huge win for all of us!” said CEO Jacob DiMartino

CONTACT:  Jacob Dimartino, jacob.d@raadr.com, (480) 755-0591

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